Our 12 experienced coaches are committed to teaching the fundamentals of baseball and are focused on developing individual skills as well as building confidence and team spirit.

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Coach Juan

Name: Juan Lucas Galan
Age/DOB: 15/Sept/1971
Instagram: @juan.lucas.galan
Nationality: Spanish (19yrs in Ireland)
Red Rox since: 2017
Baseball Experience: Playing since I was 14yrs old. Passionate about the game. Baseball and Softball coach certification by Spanish Federation
Baseball Philosophy: I follow Augie Garrido’s book: “Life is yours to Win”
Specialties: Overall student of the game
Favourite drill: BP
Favourite MLB team: LA Dodgers
Favourite Player: Mookie Betts

“Baseball is like life itself: there is room for everyone. Nobody can’t take away your moment of glory from you, whether it's defending or attacking.“

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Coach John

Name: John Dillon
Nationality: Irish
Red Rox since: Founding of club in 2013
Baseball Experience: Playing Baseball since 1996, Irish adult league and Irish national team for 14 years
Baseball Philosophy: Hustle
Favourite drill: Centre fielder, hitting practice
Favourite MLB team: SF Giants
Favourite Player: Ken Griffey Jnr

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Coach Karla

Name: Karla Fallon
Nationality: American Irish

Red Rox since: 2015
Baseball Experience: Lifetime fan of baseball; high school softball (first base, shortstop)
Baseball Philosophy: Play with joy and perseverance
Favourite drill: Four corners and Pickle
Favourite MLB team: Washington Nationals
Favourite Player: Max Scherzer

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Coach Declan

Name: Declan Fallon
Age/DOB: 30/12/70
Instagram: @fallondpicks
Nationality: Irish American
Red Rox since: 2015

Baseball Philosophy: Have Fun
Specialties: Team photographer
Favourite MLB team: Washington Nationals
Favourite Player: Juan Soto

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Coach Florian

Name: Florian Gniech
Age/DOB: 26.2.74 (46)
Instagram: @floriangniech
Nationality: German
Red Rox since: 2020
Baseball Experience: 30 years as club president, umpire, coach and player incl. several years in the German Bundesliga 
Baseball Philosophy: Respect the game, work hard, have fun and never give up
Specialties: Catching, Outfield, Hitting
Favourite drill: Hitting with two tees, blocking balls, catching fly balls
Favourite MLB team: Atlanta Braves
Favourite Player: Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones  

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Coach Karey

Name: Karey Ellen OC Lewis
Age/DOB: 07/08/70

Instagram: @kareyellen
Nationality: Canadian
Red Rox since: 2013
Baseball Experience: Provincial Ball, National & International invitationals, Coach,
Baseball philosophy: Natural talent is a gift and it speaks for itself. Learning the game and earning respect of it and your players is the journey. The privilege of coaching and nurturing young generations to be better and become accountable confident humans is our goal. Sharing the love of the game.
Specialties: Elite High Performance Coaching, Ambassadorship & Academy development, Mentorship
Favourite Drill: Star drill
Favourite MLB Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Favourite Player: Tony Fernandez / Tom Henke

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Coach Simon

Name: Simon Lewis
Age/DOB: 11.9.1973 (47)
Instagram: @sutto_simon
Nationality: Irish/Canadian
Red Rox since: 2013
Baseball Experience: Slow Pitch Softball National Team Member.
Baseball Philosophy: Swing Smooth, Run Fast
Specialties: Pitching + Infield
Favourite drill: Soft Toss Batting Drill
Favourite MLB team: Toronto Blue Jays
Favourite Player: Eddie Feigner

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Coach Jason

Name: Jason Nebenzahl
Age/DOB: 07/07/77 (43)
Nationality: American / Irish
Red Rox since: 2019
Baseball Experience: Playing since age 5, 4 years Varsity in High School, 1 year Division One College, Player in Irish league 2000 - 2012, Coach Irish National Team 2004-2006
Baseball Philosophy: Soft Hands, Big Heart
Specialities: Middle Infield
Favourite drill: Middle Infield hand and footwork quick movement drills
Favourite MLB team: New York Mets
Favourite Player: Living in the moment... Jacob deGrom

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Coach Sinéad

Name: Sinéad Dillon 
Nationality: Irish
Red Rox since: 2013
Baseball Philosophy: There's no crying in baseball
Specialties: Scorekeeping
Favourite drill: Pickle
Favourite MLB team: NY Yankees
Favourite Player: Dottie Hinson (A League of their Own)

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Coach Jens

Name: Jens Hillebrand
Age/DOB: 46
Insta handle: @snakeoctopus
Nationality: German
Red Rox since: 2013
Baseball Experience: 26 years playing and coaching Baseball and Softball in Germany and Ireland
Baseball Philosophy: Have fun
Specialities: Softball Fastpitch Pitching; otherwise versatile …
Favourite drill: Outfield Flyballs
Favourite MLB team: Philadelphia Phillies


Coach Patrick

Name: Patrick Santini
Age/DOB: 46
Instagram: @Capn_Santini
Nationality: Franco-American
Red Rox since: 2013
Baseball Experience: Little League Baseball in Pennsylvania
Favourite MLB team: Philadelphia Phillies
Favourite Player: Lenny Dykstra