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The child named above has my permission to participate in all activities of his/her team, including transportation to/from the activities and I am his or her parent or legal guardian. I understand and agree that his/her participation and my membership is in accordance with the Constitution of Red Rox, including the joint responsibilities of the members and exclusions and limitations on liability. Participation of all members is also subject to the Rules and Policies of the Club. In addition, I consent to my child being photographed and images used for club purposes only. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, I consent to the club holding and processing my contact details for the sole purposes of club activities and objectives, including for communication purposes. I also consent to the club holding my child’s date of birth for the purposes of ensuring they are playing on the correct team and within age limits of Baseball Ireland teams and leagues. In the case of illness or injury to my child in my absence, I grant authority to Red Rox Baseball Club (in association with Baseball Ireland) to take initial steps to secure medical advice and services. I know that participation in baseball may result in serious injuries to players, and do hereby waive the liability of Red Rox, Baseball Ireland, the organisers, sponsors, supervisors, coaches, umpires and participants from any claim arising out of or in connection with injury or to my child or any type of loss arising in connection with membership, beyond that covered by Baseball Ireland's and/or any insurance policy put in place by Red Rox.
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